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Peracetic Acid (C2H4O3) Detection

Portable & fixed-point C2H4O3 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Peracetic Acid Detection

Peracetic Acid, a potent oxidizing agent with a strong, vinegar-like odor, is used for high-level disinfection in the food industry, healthcare, and water treatment facilities.

Its efficacy at low temperatures makes it an attractive alternative to traditional sanitizers. Due to its corrosive nature and ability to decompose into toxic substances, including hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, maintaining safe handling practices and monitoring air quality is crucial.

Common Challenges

  • Corrosive Nature: Peracetic Acid’s corrosive properties can damage equipment and surfaces, leading to increased maintenance costs and potential safety hazards.
  • Toxic Decomposition Products: As it decomposes, Peracetic Acid releases hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid, which can pose additional health risks if not properly monitored.
  • Strong Odor: The strong vinegar-like odor can be overwhelming, leading to discomfort and potential respiratory issues for workers in poorly ventilated areas.

Current Guidelines:


  • TLV©: 0.4 ppm (inhalable fraction and vapor) [2013]


Peracetic acid is sometimes used in agriculture as a fumigant for soil and certain crops. Monitoring is important to ensure that its use aligns with agricultural best practices and environmental regulations. Read more...

Peracetic acid is involved in some chemical manufacturing processes. Monitoring its concentrations is important to ensure the safety of workers and prevent adverse reactions in chemical plants. Read more...

In healthcare settings, peracetic acid is used for sterilizing medical equipment. Precise monitoring of peracetic acid levels is crucial to ensure complete sterilization while safeguarding the health of healthcare workers. Read more...

In water treatment, peracetic acid is used as a disinfectant for wastewater and in certain water treatment processes. Accurate monitoring is necessary to control its concentrations, ensuring efficient disinfection while preventing environmental impact. Read more...


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