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Ozone (O3) Detection

Portable & fixed-point O3 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Ozone Detection

Ozone, a gas with a distinctive sharp smell, is revered for its purifying qualities, prominently used in water treatment and air purification.

It is also employed in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries for sterilization. While beneficial in the upper atmosphere for UV protection, at ground level, ozone can be harmful, causing respiratory distress and other health issues, necessitating rigorous monitoring in occupational settings.

Common Challenges

  • Rapid decomposition requiring continuous monitoring to ensure accurate detection.
  • Interference from other gases that can lead to false positives in detection systems.
  • Maintaining calibration and sensitivity of detection equipment in varying environmental conditions.

Current Guidelines


  • PEL-TWA: 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m³)


  • REL-C: 0.1 ppm (0.2 mg/m³)


In pharmaceutical manufacturing, ozone is used for sterilization and disinfection processes. Precise monitoring of ozone levels is critical to ensure a sterile environment and prevent contamination of pharmaceutical products. Read more...

In the electronics industry, ozone is used for cleaning and etching electronic components. Accurate monitoring is necessary to ensure that ozone effectively removes contaminants without damaging sensitive electronic parts. Read more...

Ozone is extensively used in water treatment for purifying drinking water and treating wastewater. It effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Monitoring ozone levels is crucial to ensure effective disinfection while preventing overexposure, which can be harmful to both humans and aquatic life. Read more...

Ozone is used in the paper industry for bleaching paper pulp, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine bleaching. Monitoring ozone concentrations is important to control the bleaching process and ensure the safety of workers. Read more...


Portable Gas Detection

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Fixed Gas Detection


Fixed Point Gas Detection

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