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Unmatched Precision in Portable & Fixed-Point Gas Detectors


How to Place Gas Detectors for Optimal Safety and Accuracy
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Portable Gas Detection

GASD 8000

Portable Gas Detector

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Fixed Gas Detection


Fixed Point Gas Detection

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Gas detection equipment is designed to monitor and detect the presence of hazardous gases in an environment. It is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel and property by providing early warning of potentially dangerous gas leaks.
Portable gas detectors are handheld devices used for personal safety and spot-checking environments. Fixed gas detectors are installed in a specific location to continuously monitor for gas leaks in that area.
Our equipment can detect more than 20 different toxic gases, including but not limited to: ethylene oxide (C2H4O), peracetic acid (C2H4O3), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and ozone (O3).
Interscan’s innovative gas sensing technology eliminates the need for calibration. With the Interchange Sensor System, sensors arrive at the customer’s facility already calibrated. When the sensor is due for replacement, Interscan sends a new sensor cartridge and the customer ships their old cartridge back to Interscan for recycling.
Choosing the right gas detector depends on the specific gases you need to monitor, the environment in which the equipment will be used, and any regulatory requirements. Our experts can help you assess your needs and recommend the best solution.
Interscan gas detection devices are designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. The primary maintenance tasks are regular sensor replacements and battery checks. Additionally, it is important to keep the equipment clean and ensure it is operating correctly. Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is essential for consistent and reliable performance.
Yes, our gas detectors meet or exceed industry standards and regulations for safety and performance, including those set by OSHA, ANSI, and other relevant organizations.
Yes, many of our gas detection systems can be integrated with other safety and monitoring systems, such as fire alarms, ventilation controls, and building management systems.
Our gas detectors come with a standard 1-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and providing peace of mind for our customers.
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