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Chlorine (Cl2) Detection

Portable & fixed-point Cl2 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Chlorine Detection

A greenish-yellow gas with a pungent, irritating odor, Chlorine is indispensable in water purification and as a disinfectant.

It’s a vital reactant in the manufacture of a wide array of products, including pharmaceuticals, textiles, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for the construction industry. Given its reactive nature and the risk of forming harmful byproducts, rigorous monitoring in industrial settings is crucial to prevent respiratory issues and other health hazards.

Common Challenges

  • Potential for respiratory issues and other health hazards due to exposure.
  • Risk of forming harmful byproducts in industrial settings.
  • Difficulty in maintaining proper ventilation and detection systems to ensure safety.

Current Guidelines


  • PEL-TWA: 1 ppm (3 mg/m³) [Construction and Maritime Industries only]
  • PEL-STEL: 1 ppm (3 mg/m³)
  • PEL-C: 1 ppm (3 mg/m³) [General Industry only]


Chlorine is used in the production of various pesticides. Its handling requires careful monitoring to prevent worker exposure to toxic levels and to ensure environmental safety standards are met. Read more...

In pharmaceuticals, chlorine is used in the synthesis of a wide range of drugs and medical products. Monitoring chlorine levels helps prevent contamination and ensures a safe working environment in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Read more...

Chlorine is used in the textile industry for bleaching fabrics. Proper monitoring is crucial to avoid overexposure, which can damage the fabric and pose health risks to workers. Read more...

Chlorine is extensively used for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater. It effectively kills bacteria and viruses, ensuring water safety. Monitoring chlorine levels is crucial to maintain the balance between effective disinfection and preventing harmful overexposure to chlorine. Read more...

The paper industry uses chlorine for bleaching paper. Monitoring of chlorine levels is important to ensure worker safety and minimize environmental impact, particularly in terms of water pollution. Read more...


Portable Gas Detection

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Fixed Gas Detection


Fixed Point Gas Detection

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