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Nitric Oxide (NO) Detection

Portable & fixed-point NO2 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Nitric Oxide Detection

Nitric Oxide, a colorless gas with a sharp, sweet odor, plays a critical role in various industries, including semiconductor manufacturing for chip production, and as an intermediate in the synthesis of nitric acid.

It’s also used for its vasodilating properties in medical applications. However, NO can rapidly form nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air, which is toxic, and therefore requires rigorous environmental monitoring and control in the workplace.

Common Challenges

  • Rapid conversion to toxic NO2 in the air, posing health risks.
  • Detection at low concentrations due to its colorless nature.
  • Maintaining accurate monitoring and control systems to ensure workplace safety.

Current Guidelines


  • PEL-TWA: 25 ppm (30 mg/m³)


In combustion research, including automotive and aerospace industries, nitric oxide is studied for its role in combustion processes and emissions. Monitoring NO helps in understanding and controlling emissions for environmental protection. Read more...

Nitric oxide is sometimes used as a soil fumigant in agriculture. Monitoring its levels is essential to ensure it doesn't adversely affect the soil ecosystem and to protect farm workers from exposure. Read more...

In chemical synthesis, nitric oxide serves as an important reagent for producing various compounds, including nitric acid. Accurate monitoring is essential to control reaction processes and prevent exposure risks in chemical plants. Read more...

Nitric oxide is used in medical settings for respiratory treatments, particularly for newborns with pulmonary hypertension. It's vital to monitor NO levels to ensure therapeutic efficacy and patient safety, as incorrect dosages can be detrimental. Read more...

In the semiconductor industry, nitric oxide is used in the production of silicon wafers and chips. Monitoring NO levels is crucial to ensure the quality of the semiconductors and the safety of workers, as excessive exposure can be harmful. Read more...


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