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Hydrogen (H2) Detection

Portable & fixed-point H2 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Hydrogen Detection

Hydrogen, the lightest and most abundant element in the universe, is a colorless, odorless gas.

It’s an energy carrier in fuel cells and has significant potential in the shift towards clean energy. Industries also use it in the production of ammonia, in refining metals, and as a reducing agent in various chemical processes. While non-toxic, hydrogen is highly flammable, requiring meticulous safety protocols to manage its explosive nature.

Common Challenges

  • Detection Sensitivity: Hydrogen is a small molecule that can easily leak through minute cracks and crevices, making it difficult to detect.
  • Flammability: Hydrogen has a wide flammability range and can ignite easily, posing significant safety risks.
  • Sensor Placement: Proper placement of hydrogen sensors is critical but challenging due to the gas’s tendency to rise and disperse quickly.


Hydrogen is used as rocket fuel in the aerospace industry. Precise monitoring of hydrogen concentrations is critical for safe rocket launches and to prevent explosive conditions during fueling. Read more...

Hydrogen is a key feedstock in the chemical industry for producing various chemicals, including ammonia and methanol. Monitoring hydrogen levels is crucial to ensure safe handling and prevent the risk of explosions in chemical plants. Read more...

Hydrogen is utilized in the electronics industry for the production of semiconductors and the reduction of metals. Accurate monitoring of hydrogen levels is necessary to prevent explosive mixtures and ensure worker safety. Read more...


Portable Gas Detection

GASD 8000

Portable Gas Detector

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Fixed Gas Detection


Fixed Point Gas Detection

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