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Ethylene (C2H4) Detection

Portable & fixed-point C2H4 detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Ethylene Detection

Ethylene, a colorless gas with a faintly sweet aroma, is extensively used in the agricultural sector as a plant hormone to regulate fruit ripening.

It is also a fundamental building block in the chemical industry, used in the production of polyethylene and other plastics. As a key component in the manufacturing of solvents and in the synthesis of various chemicals, its flammability and potential as an asphyxiation hazard underscore the importance of proper gas detection and handling procedures.

Common Challenges

  • Flammability: Ethylene is highly flammable, posing significant risks of fire and explosions in areas where it is stored or used.
  • Health Hazards: Prolonged exposure to ethylene can lead to respiratory issues and asphyxiation, making it crucial to monitor air quality continuously.
  • Equipment Sensitivity: Gas detection equipment must be highly sensitive and reliable to detect even small leaks, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Current Guidelines


  • TLV-TWA: 200 ppm [2001]


In agriculture, ethylene is widely used to regulate the ripening of fruits. It is essential to monitor ethylene levels in storage and shipping environments to control the ripening process and maintain fruit quality. Read more...

Ethylene is a fundamental feedstock in the chemical industry, used for synthesizing solvents, alcohols, and other chemicals. Monitoring its levels is crucial to control chemical reactions and ensure the safety of chemical plants. Read more...

In the textile industry, ethylene is used in the production of polyester and other synthetic fibers. Accurate monitoring of ethylene levels is necessary to ensure safe manufacturing processes and prevent workplace hazards. Read more...


Portable Gas Detection

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Fixed Gas Detection


Fixed Point Gas Detection

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