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Hydrogen Bromide (HBr) Detection

Portable & fixed-point HBr detectors for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental testing.

About Hydrogen Bromide Detection

Hydrogen Bromide, a colorless or faint yellow gas with an acrid odor, is widely used in the synthesis of bromine compounds and as a catalyst in pharmaceutical and fine chemical production.

It is also employed in flame retardants and for plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing. Given its corrosive nature and potential to form hydrobromic acid, HBr requires comprehensive safety measures to prevent inhalation and contact injuries.

Common Challenges

  • Accurate detection at low concentrations due to its high reactivity.
  • Preventing corrosion of detection equipment caused by HBr.
  • Ensuring worker safety through proper monitoring and ventilation systems.

Current Guidelines


  • PEL-TWA: 3 ppm (10 mg/m³)


  • Ceiling: 3 ppm (10 mg/m³)


Hydrogen bromide is utilized in chemical manufacturing processes, particularly in the production of bromine compounds and pharmaceuticals. Monitoring hydrogen bromide levels is crucial to ensure safe handling and prevent exposure risks in chemical plants. Read more...

In the oil and gas industry, hydrogen bromide can be encountered during various processes, including the extraction of oil and gas. Monitoring HBr levels is essential to protect workers from exposure and ensure safety in oil and gas operations. Read more...

Hydrogen bromide is involved in the synthesis of certain pharmaceuticals. Monitoring its levels is important to control the manufacturing process and ensure the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products. Read more...

In the electronics industry, hydrogen bromide is used in the production of semiconductors. Accurate monitoring of hydrogen bromide concentrations is necessary to ensure the safety of workers and prevent the release of harmful gases in semiconductor manufacturing. Read more...


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