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Gas Safety in Wastewater Treatment A Facility & Safety Manager’s Guide to Gas Detection

Navigating the complexities of safety through gas detection in wastewater treatment facilities is no small feat. That’s why we hosted the webinar “Advancements in Gas Detection.”

This isn’t just another presentation; it’s a comprehensive session tailored for the experts. We’ve simplified complex topics into actionable insights, discussing everything from selecting and maintaining gas detectors to the unique challenges and safety protocols specific to wastewater treatment environments.

Explore these essential topics that impact your facility’s safety and compliance:

  • Case Study Overview: Highlighting the financial impact and safety risks for facilities lacking adequate gas detection.
  • Exposure Risks: Exploring dangers like methane explosions and health hazards from H2S.
  • OSHA Compliance: Updates on regulations to avoid fines and ensure worker safety.
  • Detection Technologies: Comparing portable and fixed detectors for every toxic gas.

Full webinar here: