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Ensuring Accuracy in Gas Detection: The Importance of Wet Chem Calibration

Watch the video to see our wet chem calibration setup in action.

At Interscan, we are committed to delivering precise and reliable gas detection solutions. One unique offering is the ability to calibrate gases that require wet chemistry. This article will explore wet chem calibration, why it is necessary, the process involved, and how we ensure our clients receive consistently accurate sensors.

What is Wet Chem Calibration?

Wet chem calibration involves using liquid chemical reactions to produce a given gas and concentration. This process involves carefully setting up laboratory hardware in a controlled environment. All our calibrations are NIST-certifiable.

Why Do We Use Wet Chem Calibration?

Most gases are available in a tank, or can be produced via a special gas generator or perm tube. Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid are not available in these forms. For this reason, it is necessary to generate these gases in our lab using wet chemistry.

How is Wet Chem Calibration Done?

The wet chem calibration process at Interscan involves several meticulous steps:

  1. Preparation: Technicians prepare the calibration setup, which includes the necessary liquid chemicals and chemistry lab equipment. Everything is set up in a special exhaust hood.
  2. Calibration: A device is exposed to generated concentration of hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid.
  3. Adjustment: Technicians make precise device adjustments during the calibration process, fine-tuning sensitivity and accuracy.
  4. Verification: The calibrated device is tested for accuracy and reliability before final approval.


Hassle-Free Calibration with Sensor Express

Interscan offers the Sensor Express program to ensure our clients always have accurate and reliable sensors. We recommend sensor replacement every three months to maintain optimal performance. Sensor Express eliminates downtime and makes the replacement process simple and efficient.

With a Sensor Express Annual Subscription, clients receive a freshly calibrated sensor every three months. This proactive approach ensures their gas detection systems are always in top condition without the need for traditional calibration methods. The tool-free replacement process is quick and easy, allowing clients to focus on their core operations without interruption.

By using Sensor Express, clients benefit from enhanced safety, reliability, and compliance with industry standards while enjoying a hassle-free maintenance experience.

At Interscan, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible solutions, including the convenient and efficient Sensor Express program, to maintain the highest safety and performance standards.